Dido, Queen of Tyre and Carthage

Dido, Queen of Tyre and Carthage CoverThis is the first E-Book by the author. It is also an Ebook original.

Available from the 1st of March 2012

This historical novel, which took eight years to research, recounts the romantic and adventurous story of Dido, Queen of Tyre and founder of Carthage.

Dido’s story is entwined with her confrontation against the overwhelming power of the cruel Assyrians, the orgies of the Hittites and the changes that took place in the Egyptian kingdom.

The Phoenicians were celebrated as seafarers and merchants; they traded in purple dye ,a formula they kept secret, olive oil and wine and had great navigational skills.

They practised child sacrifice and sacred prostitution.

Carthage, the metropolis that Dido founded on the African coast, inherited the greatness but also the cruelty of the Phoenicians.

Dido, Queen of Tyre and Carthage is available in Kindle (Amazon) and iTunes for £2.50 or 3,00€.

Dido, by GB Tiepolo (Villa Valmarana ai Nani)