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Raccogliamo le vele / Lower the Sails

Lower the Sails Book Cover“The author unravels her life in a likeable, unassertive tone which is sometimes light-hearted, often humorous.”
Corriere della Sera

“A book that is unprejudiced, ironic, impetuous, hip, gossipy, hilarious, snobbish, extremely vibrant and cultured.”
La Repubblica

Gaia Servadio is a protagonist of Italian and international  culture. Her writing and adventures are suffused with a savage charm and a tireless curiosity that distinguish her life as truly one of a kind. Following a deliberately Virgilian structure, Lower the Sails, her latest book, lays out the facts of her remarkable biography.

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Poster for Annual Lecture by Gaia Servadio at the British Library in June 2014

C’e’ del Marcio in Inghilterra
(Salani Editore)

Why did the great British institutions disintegrate? What happens in the kingdom of England? Almost surprised by the climate of inertia, by the scandals, not least the one which involved The News of the World- Gaia Servadio investigates the causes of the catastrophy that has hit the United Kingdom concentrating on individual people, facts and events emblamatic of British society. From the Royal family to the vulgar stars of television, from clubs to social classes, from the health service to education, all is examined through the pitiless less of an exceptional witness.